Old Man Loses Life Insurance

Old  man lost life insurance in Peshawar when the driver rolled his car over him. Everybody gathered around the car of a man who was accused of misbehaving with a little kid. Little kid got rid of that man from the car. The driver was not alone as he was also accompanying a lady on the other seat of the car. People found out both of them to be culprit.

Life Insurance of that small kid was also in danger but he was able to escape from the car. People started to gather around that car and police officers were also called in so that the driver and the lady could be arrested for doing bad act with the small kid. Instead of catching that culprit, police officer kept on watching him.

Nobody had ever watched such incident in their entire life. The driver did not only roll the car over the old man but he also caused trouble when the car was upside down. All the people followed and managed to catch the driver. Unluckily the old man’s foot was struck in the wheel of the car. People had to face many difficulties to get him out of the trouble.

Life Insurance of Old Man

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