NGOs Highlights Dolphins Slaughter at Japanese Beach

International NGOs and animal rights activists highlighted the brutal slaughter of Dolphins taken place at Japanese beach. Few weeks ago, the fisheries department allowed the slaughter to fishermen during hunting season. According to report of different sources, over 23000 dolphins were slaughtered in the season and each one worth $200,000 in international market.

The NGOs and animal rights activists raised the issue at international level when they saw the footage and pictures of slaughter at Japanese beach. Unfortunately one of the activists was murdered in Japan on highlighting this issue among public. The international players along with fisheries department of Japan were involved in this cruel act just for the sake of earning money.

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There were few tourists at Japanese beach on the day of slaughter and they knew nothing about the plan of fishermen. They cordoned off the whole area for public and asked the tourists to evacuate the beach immediately. They refused to leave the beach and then they were beaten by the fishermen. The cruel people tried to stop the reporters of different media groups as well.

The tourists stayed there and they witnessed the brutal slaughter of dolphins at Japanese beach but could not do anything to stop this cruel act. The women started to cry whereas men just stared with sorrow. The NGOs and animals rights activists received the footage and recording of this brutal act and started the campaign among the citizens of Japan.

The citizens of Japan did not know about the slaughter of dolphins at Japanese beach because the animal was not cooked or eaten by them at all. The fisheries department exported the parts of animals to different countries just for the sake of money and now they were badly exposed by the NGOs. The citizens had started protest against it.

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