NGOs Get Furious on Shameful Festival in New Delhi

All the NGOs in India got furious when the shameful rape festival started in a state in India. All the members of the organizations of Human Rights were also protesting against this festival.  In this festival three to four men had a go at a single and unmarried girl and whoever wins the festival is supposed to get the prize money of one million dollars.

Different NGOs also raised the issue to the courts and to the parliament members for stopping it. The shameful festival had a notorious fame all over Indian states. The news of this festival was broken by an international news channel. This news channel was also threatened by the participants of the festivals as they never wanted to stop this festival.

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The shameful act of harassing a non married girl was condemned by all the officials of the Government yet it has not been stopped by any men in power yet. This incident was firstly reported by an international media that was asked not to show it on the TV otherwise they might harm them as well.

NGOs raised the questions about the country being the state that cares about the human rights. But the fact was revealed which was otherwise after watching this report in which the people of India are involved rejecting to respect the women. The women have been victimized in India every now and then and they have been protesting for it without any notice.

NGOs have been very active in this regard while making awareness about the human rights all over the part of their country but still the officials have not been able to control this kind of festival which has been promoting the disrespect of women specially girls who have not been married yet. This festival showed the true picture of the so called democratic state.

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