NGOs Bash Dolphins Slaughter at Japanese Beach

Animal rights activists and NGOs bashed the brutal slaughter of thousands of dolphins at Japanese beach. The hunting of the sea animal was allowed by the officials of Japan fisheries department. The fishermen had been doing the criminal act for many years hidden from the public eyes. This issue was raised by animal rights activists at international level.

On the day of dolphins’ slaughter, there were few tourists enjoying their time at Japanese beach and then they were forced to leave the place. The fishermen bitten the tourists who stayed there and there were few women among them as well. It was cruel act of fishermen and they sealed the area for public entry. The tourists refused to evacuate the place and stayed there.

Few of the news reporters and NGOs worker reached at the spot and filmed the incident. They were stopped going there at Japanese beach but they somehow managed to reach and captured the brutal slaughter of dolphins in cameras. They highlighted this sensitive issue at international level and unveiled different facts to the citizens of Japan.

An animal rights activist was murdered in Japan on raising the issue of dolphins slaughter as there were international players involved in it. Each dolphin worth $200,000 and that’s why fisheries department was involved in such cruel act. Over 23000 dolphins were slaughter during recent hunting season and they continued during the whole season.

The government of Japan did not intervene in the issue as the possibilities of their involvement could not been ruled out. The NGOs and animal rights activists have started a campaign in Japan and they have exposed the fisheries department to the citizens. They also showed them the footage of slaughter of Dolphins at Japanese beach by fisheries department.

Dolphin Slaughter in Japan

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