NGO Worker Raises Sensitive Issues

A renowned NGO worker raised some sensitive issues of the civil society in order to bring it to the notice of the officials of the Government who have passed harassment laws for women. The short video clip has been made to show some harsh facts of the disadvantages of the laws which were supposed to protect women but in fact some girls have taken negative advantages.

The Government officials have appreciated NGOs too in this matter for bringing up the issue to their notice. The purpose of these laws was to secure the women in the society which has been dominated by the men. As many cases of rape were registered in the recent era. The evil men of the society had ruined the lives of many girls and women just for the sake of their pleasure.

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This documentary was made on the basis of true events which have happened with some men and boys and they went on to complain. It showed how a group of some young girls fooled many boys pushing them knowingly and then blaming them for teasing women. They then blackmailed the poor boys for taking them to the police station for violating women harassment laws.

The sensitive issue highlighted by NGO helped innocent boys who had been the victim of the group of young girls who fooled the. According to their plan, one of the ladies from the group intentionally hit the young innocent looking boy who was not even taking notice of the situation. He did not even look in front of him as who was coming in his way.

This NGO documentary then dramatized that girl’s other fellow girls accompanied and blackmailed the innocent guy for violating the harassment law by taking him to the police station. The boy agreed to do anything to avoid humiliation of going to the police station and ended up paying the price for what he never intended to harass girls.

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