NGO Worker Highlights Immorality of Society

A famous NGO worker highlighted the immorality of society through a short documentary. In this short clip he tried to point out some issues related to misuse of the female harassment laws. These laws were introduced to help women and girls feel more secure in this male dominating society. Since the cases of harassing girls and women were rising rapidly so the Government approved these laws.

To protect women and females, NGOs have played vital role in the approval and implementation of the harassment laws. The civil society has to come up again to solve another important issue. This short documentary will help them to address this issue. Some women and girls instead of taking positive advantages have used in negative ways just for the sake of money.

These issues which have been highlighted here are based on true events. It shows the immortality of the modern society as well. Some men have complaints and they have brought them to the notice of the people who have been raising voices for the rights of both women and men. The video message described the harsh reality of modern day society.

The NGO worker made this documentary based on the true events which were taken into their notices by man. He explained how some men are being blackmailed these days by some girls working for only money. These girls have been taking negative advantages of the laws which were supposed to secure their presence in the modern day society.

The making of the documentary by NGO worker was a brave step to highlight the positive and negative issues of the civil society. Some women intentionally blackmail boys and men who are quite scared of their reputation to go to police station despite of the fact that they did not do anything wrong. Still they have to pay the price.

NGO Working Exposing Civil Society

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