NGO Bashes Cruel Act of Owner with Servant

NGO bashed cruel act of an Indian owner the other day, a video was leaked some time ago when an owner of the house was seen beating a little female servant. The little girl was pleading for the apology but the man never listened to her. He kept on hitting her with the stick. All the NGOs stood up for the protest against this incident.

NGO in India decided to go to the court against that man to protect the human rights law in there. A protest was also held in which all the women and other elite class also participated. This was not the first time this sort of incident happened during the last year or so. Many other cases of human rights were registered.

Video Link :

The poor girl had been working in the house for quite a long time along with her mother due to the poverty. Although there has been a law protecting the child labor yet there have been many houses who have hired children as labors. Those people have been seeking apologies once they have been asked by the courts to come.

NGO worker has also reported to the officials of the Indian Government about other incidents where girls’ especially little ones have been harassed by the owner of the houses. Despite of the assurance of the Government about these incidents not to be happened again and serious actions were supposed to be taken, yet another shocking incident came on the scenes.

An NGO worker revealed shocking news that this video of sabotaging the human rights had a Government official involved who was seen in the video. Due to the personal relations of that Indian officer no actions has still been taken against him. That man also threatened the social worker for not sending this video to other Government Officials.

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