Newscaster Shameful Act behind Camera

A very shameful footage of female newscaster was shown on social media who was behaving rudely with makeup artist. The so called liberal media crossed all the limits by showing bold scenes of the upcoming movie of actress. She has got fame recently in the Bollywood arena by giving some bold scenes in Indian movies.

The female newscaster of renowned media channel did shameful act which might have not been considered as immoral in India. Sometimes media channels which have become liberal these days take advantage of their freedom given by the Government. Since there are lots of news channels that have been competing with each other so they sometimes forget to abide by the rules and cross the limits.

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The news channels do such kind of activities just for the sake of their ranking and rating to make more money. They pretend to be responsible at the same time. A news channel crossed all the code of conducts given by the regulation authority. They aired very shameful, bold scenes and dialogues as well of an upcoming movie of actress who is very popular of filming her daring movies.

It shook every member of the family who was busy in watching their favorite drama serial. But suddenly during headlines the newscaster started to air some immoral dialogues and scenes of Indian movie. The head of the department which regulates the electronic and print media took notice of the footage and gave show cause notice to the channel for being so liberal by airing shameful footage of movies.

It assured the viewers for not showing such incident by any news channel and asked the responsible staff to keep their check and balance of any footage in the future. Such groups have some relations with the regulation authorities which let them do it with intentions. The behavior of female newscaster shows how decent they are behind the camera.

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