News Channel Reports Dead Man to be Alive

A private news channel reported the other day surprising news when they reported that a sick man who was taken to hospital. The sick man was treated ordinary and the doctor of the hospital declared him dead as he was not breathing. The dead man was then taken to another room for the postmortem as it was ordered by the policemen.

The news channel’s reporter was in Sialkot and he reported that the news was quite shocking for everybody that the dead man was not dead in reality. The time when the home mates of that man went to take the dead body then the other doctor of the same hospital present in the postmortem room declared that the man is alive.

The family members and the other friends of the patient who was early declared by the doctor took that patient to the other city as he was in Sialkot. The family and friends of that man were really angry at the behavior and services of the Government hospitals and the doctors who did not check their patient properly.

The news channel reported that the news was shocking for the registrar of that government hospital as well. The registrar of that hospital also assured the family of the patient that he was who going to take serious action against that doctor who declared their patient as dead.

This news channel’s report also got viral and it was then aired on every other private channel. The DCO of Sialkot also took notice of the news that the man was declared dead by the government doctor. The people of Sialkot also came on the streets and protested against the facilities of the hospital and against the doctor. The registrar of that hospital took notice of this issue and suspended that doctor immediately.

Dead Man Become Alive as Reported by News Channel

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