News Caster Sings During the News

News caster of a private news channel was caught singing during the news bulletin. The moment was very embarrassing for the anchor when she was told that the camera was still on. The lady was behaving casually while she was giving breaking news to the viewers on the TV. All the viewers were also quite shocked at the lady’s act.

The news caster thought that the break was on during the bulletin and she thought of relaxing wee bit after she had continuously gave the news for ten to fifteen minutes. But it could be the camera man’s mistake who did not turn the camera off and the whole moment of her singing the song were aired on the TV during the news bulletin.

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The media channels these days tried really hard to defeat each others in by giving breaking news. Although the news could be rubbish but the wish to lead the channel in the media industry made the private channels to air stupid news as well. The video of the anchor singing the song of Indian movie went viral on the social media as well.

The news caster felt quite ashamed after watching this video clip of her and complained to the media channels and all the men working in that channel for leaking video clip of her on the social media and electronic media too. The video of that incident was forwarded by every user on social media just to have fun after watching it.

The owner assured news caster for not repeating this shameful and embarrassing act by the people working in the editing department who leaked this video of her. The lady then got satisfied and continued her routine work of telecasting news on the private channel as she had been working in this media field for quite some time.

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