News Anchors Activities behind Camera

News Anchors activities behind the camera were recorded by the cameraman though they never knew about it. For viewers, it all looked funny when the recorded off line video was seen on different social media platforms. Some of them were relaxing, having fun and some were feeling asleep while the camera was on and they were seen live on the news channels.

Different breaking news were shown by news anchors which had the entire spark needed to attract the viewers to stick to the particular news channels. All these channels telecast unimportant news after making it sparking so the viewers could find it interesting for the sake of publicity and ranking. The hosts and the newscasters express themselves in different ways.

Though media has some code of conduct to follow but still they telecast such things which are unethical for the public in general. At times these channels give some breaking news in which they make fun of different celebrities and common man. But the video which has got the attention on social media was not about celebrity or common man.

In fact news anchors themselves caught doing funny things by the camera men while recording some live news. The camera man did not edit the video when the hosts were relaxing and having fun with each other. They themselves became jokes for the people using social media on internet using different social applications.

The newscasters in the clip were seen doing weird and funny activities behind the camera. One of them was so tired that while telecasting the news he looked as if he was going to fall from his chair. They look very decent while during reading news to the viewers but in fact the tongues slip on different occasions created hilarious scenario at studio.

The role of news channels and news anchors has been clearly defined but it seems they do not bother media ethics much. The criminal negligence of government and PEMRA has provided them the opportunities to spread false information to public or work against the national interest of the country. It must be stopped before it gets too late.

News Anchors behind the Camera

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