News Anchor Shocks Viewers

Reaction of news anchor in the live reporting on the news channel amazed viewers. The lady was present in the other studio that was decorated with the news technology which showed the viewers as if the lady was present in the fields. She had to give details of the incident of the aircraft that was shot down by the army of Turkey as it violated the rules of crossing the territory.

News anchor was also acting in such way as to pretend to be there in the fields and the technology also showed that an aircraft was destroyed right behind the lady who was giving reports to the people who were giving breaking news on the news channel. It all looked real as if the lady was present in the war zone and she was hiding her ears as to avoid the noises of the aircraft.

This was the modern technology that was used by the private news channel. These sorts of technologies have been used recently by all the news channels since they have been competing with each other for the ranking. The news technology showed the lady in the war zone although she was standing in her studio in the different room.

Female news anchor has been reading news for the same news channel for quite some time and she had learnt the art of reading news. This time she had to give reporting of the incident that happened in the country of Turkey. Turkey had destroyed the aircraft of the Russia that was crossing the territory of the Turkey.

News anchor had to describe the same situation by being there in the war fields. She acted like she was present there and footage of aircraft was running behind her on the news channel. The aircraft was shown to be destroyed on the ground right behind her and she was hiding her ears as to avoid the huge noise of the aircraft that fell down and shot down by Turkey.

News Anchor Shocks People

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