News Anchor Behaves Rudly with Makeup Artist

A news anchor of renowned channel behaved rudely with makeup artist behind camera as she wanted to remake her face for the upcoming news bulletin. One of the news channels of so called moderate media aired some shameful scenes of Bollywood movie having main cast as a very popular Canadian born Indian actress.

The news anchor belonged to particular media group has been focusing their neighboring country’s movies rather than promoting their own culture. They want to be liberal despite of the fact that their country does not allow them. In the recent time print and electronic media have acted as liberal media and crossed all the ethics which must have been observed by the regulation authority.

But unluckily this was not the case and the shameful and bold scenes from a Bollywood were aired during the headlines of a news channel. It had objectionable footage of the movie that might have been allowed in some other countries. The movie whose scenes were aired on the prime time had immodest pictures and dialogues and the news anchor presented the news shamefully.

All the family members who were getting hooked up with the drama before the headlines were in a shock as they never expected such immodest scenes of Bollywood movie to be on air at that time. The parents and the elders then switched on to different channel and complained the regulation authority which did not take any notice yet.

Despite of the code of conduct of the media, it sometimes crossed all its limitations by being so liberal. Those news channels just for the sake of their ranking and rating at times have shown some shameful programs as well known to be the entertaining for the women at home. Morning shows and news anchor capabilities of reading news bulletin are the great examples in which vulgarity was seen by the actors and actresses.

Complaints have been also registered against news anchor and such media group which for the sake of their ranking took this step of showing immoral clips of the songs and the dialogues from the upcoming movie of neighboring country. The electronic media regulation authority has assured to take notice of this immodest act of news channels.

News Anchor Behaving Rudely with Makeup Artist behind Camera

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