News Anchor Activities Behind Camera Surprise People

News anchor activities behind camera surprised people when the video that was recorded by their colleagues was shared on social media. The video was recorded by one of the friends who was having fun and tried to capture the moments while having fun the female lady. The female host was sitting in the studio where the recording of the news bulletin was being recorded.

Female news anchor was remembering her lines which she had to deliver while the Headlines were supposed to get aired on the private news channel. Other staff members who were her friends of the private news channel wanted to have fun during the break. One of the friends of the female lady started recording the video of all the friends who were present in the studio.

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All the male friends of the lady were quite frank with her and one of the guys was trying to be too close to her. The female lady was also enjoying their company. The recording of the incident showed that they all were trying to have fun with the only lady present there in the studio working for the private channel. Video of that private recording went viral on the social media.

News anchor casual activities with her friends were not liked by the viewers since they believed that there should have been some limit while talking to the females. All the staff members of the news channel did not know about the activities that were going on in the studio just after before the live transmission of the headlines started.

Video of news anchor was watched by all the staff members of the private news channel when it was leaked by one of the friends. The lady did not like that video to be distributed to so many people and then getting it viral on the social media. She complained to her friends who were also working for the news channel.

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