Never Try This With Girl In Hotel Room

A boy in a hotel room did something so strange with his girlfriend that she almost got faint. The girlfriend of that guy did not know anything what was happening to her. Her boyfriend along with his friend tried to fool her by pretending another girlfriend of that boy. The friend of that man sent him the text message pretending him to be another girlfriend of him.

That incident in hotel room with the girlfriend of that boy was being recorded by the hidden camera which both the guys placed in different hidden locations. The girlfriend of that guy did not know that it was all fun which the boy along with friend decided to do with her. They both entered the room which could easily be seen in the video.

The face of the girlfriend of that boy was censored by the editing the video. The boy along with her girl friend entered the hotel and sat on the bed. The guy intentionally left his mobile phone on the bed near his girlfriend and went in the wash room. The friend of the boy sent a text message mentioning the last night fun.

The girl in the hotel room got shocked and angry at the same time after reading the text message on the mobile phone which showed that the boy had another girlfriend. She knocked the door of the washroom and shouted at him inquiring about that girl who has sent him text message on his mobile phone. The video of that incident was being recorded by the hidden camera.

The girl in the hotel room started to hit her boyfriend and kept on asking about the last night fun he had with another girlfriend. Her boyfriend firstly denied everything and wanted to take back his mobile phone but the lady was as angry as she started to cry after reading the message on mobile phone. The boy got pity on his girlfriend and called his friend so that they could tell her that it was all fun recorded by hidden camera.

Girl Reacts Strangely in Hotel Room

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