Nepal Bus Rout Trough Nepal Hotels Shakes World

Nepal bus rout through Nepal Hotels shook the whole world when they watched the video on the social media. There have been many routes all over the world that were quite dangerous and nobody dared to use them while going for visit. The Bus with passengers used such roads and it was noticed that many times accidents happened on those routs. All the students lived in the university apartments and they did not need resorts or spa. They planned to go to honeymoon destination, beach destination through cheap flights near the bus area.

Video Link:

The country of Nepal Hotels had been telling and informing the tourists to used the safe roads and to take necessary equipment. The video has some surprising incidents when the buses got struck in the middle of the roads and had to go through difficult situation. That country was also struck by the earthquake when the roads were totally blocked as they left the apartments and the resorts near the spa.

Surprising Incident near Nepal hotels got the world hooked up to the TVs as the bus had to go through different situations and roots. The bus stopped near some roads that were too difficult to travel.

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