Mystery Regarding Rewards for Women in Paradise

Rewards for women in paradise have been explained in this short video clip. It has been said in the Holy book of Islam that men and women shall be given rewards for their deeds in the life after death. Many of the people have some questions about the rewards that are supposed to be given to the women in Heavens. Pious men are supposed to get Hoors there for their good deeds in this world.

Paradise is the place described by the God in the Holy book. It’s the place where everybody will have rewards for their good deeds. People with bad deeds are supposed to go to the hell where they are supposed to be punished for their ill deeds. People with good deeds will be given rewards in Heavens and they shall live luxurious life there.

Many religious scholars have told about the life after death that what sort of life everyone shall be living in the Heavens and Hell. According to the Holy book of the Muslims, it has been told that the pious men will get beautiful ladies called Hoors in heavens. Similarly pious women will be allowed to marry one pious man. In this world women are not allowed to marry more than one husband, similarly they are not supposed to marry more than one pious man.

In paradise men will be given seventy two Hoors for their marriage. The pious woman will be marrying a pious man but she is not supposed to marry more than one pious man. Husbands are allowed in this world to marry more than one woman if he has the resources to live with them fairly. But in the life after death, these pious men will be given rewards with Hoors.

What women shall get in Paradise was the question which has been raised by the people? In this video clip it was explained that similarly pious women shall also get one pious man. The nature will be the same as woman will be allowed to marry only one man as it is allowed in this world.

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