Mystery behind Door to Hell of Turkmenistan

Door to Hell, the hole on fire for the last forty years, is located in a village of Turkmenistan. The local people has been calling it Door to Hell since its appearance in 1971. The Geologists has informed the people of the world that the fire in the hole burning sine over 40 years caused by drilling to find out natural gas.

The hole drilling of Geologists collapsed which created a giant hole and in order to avoid poisoned gasses the team decided to burn it assuming that fire will use all fuels within few weeks. However the giant hole has continued to burn since then and grabbed the attention of public.

The mysterious hole is on the north side of Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan and president of the country visited the site in 2010 announcing to close it. But the implementation is yet to be happened while the fire of the giant hole continues to generate golden glow. The Golden glow can be seen from miles which mesmerizes the visitors a lot.

So many people have seen the mystery behind Door to Hell while lots of want to visit the place eagerly. The desert which covers the vast land of Turkmenistan lies east of the Caspian Sea and has significant natural resources.

According to so many people the Door to Hell must be closed as it has been causing so much pollution in the air and might be the cause of global warming.

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