Muslim lady Gets Treated Badly

Muslim lady in Afghanistan got treated badly by the community of Taliban in Afghanistan for being accused of eloping with the man. They both wanted their marriage to be fixed according to their will while the Taliban community did not agree with the will of the girl and the boy of their marriage. They wanted to marry the girl with the person that was liked by the Taliban community.

Muslim world felt really bad for the poor girl who just had her wish for the marriage of her own choice. Protests were made by all the NGOs all around the world for the girl who wanted to raise voice for the lady who was treated badly in Afghanistan. Everybody got really annoyed on her stoning death by the Taliban.

The footage went viral which was recorded by one of the men who stoned her to death. The footage also showed that the poor girl was shouting for help and apology but they all did not let her go. All the bad men from Taliban community in Afghanistan shared their part while stoning the young lady to death. She was shouting and crying in the whole video.

The Muslim area of Afghanistan that was not hijacked by the Taliban had the support for the young and innocent girl and people living there in that part of Afghanistan protested against the rule of Taliban community in their country. They all had sympathy for the poor girl whose wish for her marriage brought her death by the cruel people of Afghanistan.

So called Muslim Taliban showed their real face to the world by penalizing the poor and innocent lady. Her only wish was marriage of her own choice with the man whom she was accused of going out of home. They both wanted to get married. That man was also treated badly by the Taliban community of Afghanistan.

Taliban Treats Young Lady Badly

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