Muslim Girl Gets Shocking Punishment

Muslim girl was treated badly in the country of Afghanistan when the young girl was penalized for her wish for the marriage of her own will. Taliban had been occupying the country and they have been following their own religion claiming to be belonged to Islam. The footage was captured by one of the Taliban who were present their while all the men were stoning the girl to death.

Muslim lady wanted to marry a man of her own will while her parents and the family members who were part of the Taliban community wanted her marriage to be fixed with a man of their own choice. The innocent girl was only nineteen years old and she was accused of eloping with the man whom she was interested in.

The girl was taken to the ground by the Taliban of Afghanistan and there she was stoned to death. Her marriage will was not accepted by the community of her family members and therefore she was penalized. Video of that incident was captured by them and then they uploaded the video on the social media so that all the girls could not think of their marriage.

Muslim community of people living in Afghanistan did not agree with the treatment that was given to the girl and many people opposed the decision of the Taliban community. This was not the first time a lady was mistreated by the Taliban of Afghanistan rather many incidents were reported earlier. The video of the girl was shared by so many people on the internet.

Muslim Scholars around the globe also felt pity for the young girl and they all said that Taliban of Afghanistan should not have treated the lady by stoning just for having the wish for her marriage of her own will. It was reported that the man was also penalized for having the wish to get married with the lady.

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