Muslim Conference in France Gets Disturbed by Topless Women

Muslim conference in the country of France was disturbed by two female activists who came on the stage without their shirts on their bodies. Both of the girls belonged to France and wanted to make disturbance in the hall as many Muslims were present there to attend it. They intended to sabotage the whole gathering of Muslims.

The Muslim conference was supposed to be held to discuss some key points of Islam. Muslims of France along with other people from different countries also participated so that they could have the further knowledge about their religion. Two of those girls interrupted the gathering of the Muslims by entering the hall where this gathering was called in.

Those girls were present there but nobody knew what they were going to do. They surprised everybody when they did that unusual activity on the stage. The two girls came on the stage and also while the presenters who were giving stage on the dice stayed away from those girls who were without clothes.

That Muslim conference was being covered by many private channels of France and they were present there with the cameras. Muslims belonged to security department were also there to prevent any unusual incidents. As the girls without their shirts on their bodies came up on the stage the speaker left the dice with shame and turned their faces towards the walls.

Security of Muslim conference was notable and after the girls started shouting using the mike they were taken away from the stage by those Muslims who were there to prevent such unusual activities. The video of such incident from France surprised the whole country and all the Muslims in the world as well.

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