Muslim Boy Gets Punishment for Eating Beef

Muslim boy was penalized in in India near river when he was punished really hard till death. He was accused of eating the beef of cow since it has not been allowed by the Hindus since they believed by doing so one could disgrace the religion of Hinduism. In Hinduism it has been declared that nobody should be eating the meat of cow as it was there sacred animal of their religion.

Muslim boy was tortured really hard near the river and he could not stay alive. He was also tied by the ropes and then thrown in the river of India. The incident was reported by the private news channel of India when their reporter got to know about the shocking news of him. The video of that guy was really disturbing for the whole family.

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Muslim community in the India had protested against the immoral attitude of the Hindus and they have reported the incident to the police station against those Hindus but no action has still been taken so far. The reporter of the news channel had also gone to the family of that poor guy who was thrown in the river by the Hindus just for eating the meat of cow.

Many Muslim people all over the world were also really surprised and angry at the incident that happened in India. Police has been unable to trace the people who had committed that serious bad deed with the young boy.

As per Muslim people in India Hindus have been treating the badly in some areas in which Hindus have been in high numbers and these sorts of incidents had happened in the past but Police has not been doing the required investigation to penalize the culprits.

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