Muhammad Asif Swings Banana in Domestic

Muhammad Asif Swings Banana in Domestic, amused the audience of live show Comedy Night with Kapil through his dance with lady. The lady, who was actually a man disguised in the dress of woman, came on the set and asked the left arm bowler to dance with her on music. Her offer was accepted and both amused the audience.

Shaniera Akram, the Australian wife of Wasim Akram was also presented there in the show and she did not stop her husband to dance with lady. She knew it was the part of show to amuse public and stayed there to watch the dance of funny couple. The viewers enjoyed the performance of legendary fast bowler a lot and appreciated him.

As Shaniera Akram does not know Urdu or Hindi language, therefore its really hard to judge her expression during the show. The audience could not judge the right feelings when left arm bowler was dancing with dummy lady and enjoying the situation. Most of the time she enjoyed the chit chat between her husband and host of the show.

Now days legendary fast bowler Wasim Akram is busy in commentary for IPL matches and he has been invited on many shows. Comedy Night with Kapil has immense popularity among public due to fun and every celebrity feels quite easy to come in the show. So King of Swing did not hesitate to accept the offer to come onto the set of the show with his wife.

Shaniera Akram is an Australian born lady and she married with legendary fast bowler Wasim Akram few years ago. The couple has daughter while Akram’s son from his first wife lives with them as well. Apparently the couple looks quite happy with their married life with children living with them.


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