Muhammad Asif Surprises in Domestic with Swing

Muhammad Asif Surprises in Domestic with Swing with lady in famous show Comedy Night with Kapil. The left arm bowler was dancing with fat lady in front of his wife Shaniera Akram and amused the audience presented in the show. The reaction of his wife was not bad at all and she enjoyed the performance of her husband as well.

The host of the show welcomed Wasim Akram when he arrived on the set and everyone stood up from his seat to welcome the great fast bowler. The other host Sidhu also welcomed the great fast bowler as both played against each other for many years in the past. Indian batsman Sidhu always praised left arm bowler due to his swing bowling.

Comedy Night with Kapil is funny show and always brings smiles on the faces of public no matter how the situations are tough for them outside the set. The management invited great legendary fast bowler and former skipper of green shirts with his wife Shaniera Akram. There was so much fun for the guests along with spectators in the show.

The lady, who was actually a man covering in woman’s dress, asked legendary fast bowler to dance with her on music. The audience enjoyed the performance and expressions of left arm bowler and dummy lady. Shaniera Akram enjoyed the situation as well because she knew it was all drama to entertain people.

Wasim Akram came in the show Comedy Night with Kapil many times but without his wife. It was the first time when he was invited with Shaniera Akram and enjoyed the fun time. The host, audience and guests had great time in the show. The legendary fast bowler received immense applause from the spectators on the set of the show.

Muhammad Asif

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