Muhammad Amir Bowls to Shahid Afridi in Hotels

Muhammad Amir Bowls to Shahid Afridi in Hotels . Pakistan needed 6 runs on 6 balls against Sri Lanka in Dubai cricket stadium. The bowling side thought that they could defend the score and could win the match by containing the batsman. They never knew that the batsman was ready to give an amazing response to the bowler of Sri Lanka. The cricket fans sitting in the stadium were also really excited. The batsman came up with a sensational six on the very first ball and won the match in style. It was Shahid Afridi who finished the match with a six.

Pakistan had a strong hold of the match in Hotels until they lost wickets but their main batsman was playing in the middle. Cricket fans were getting frustrated with the each ball bowled. Sri Lanka players were too very keen to win the match and they were working really hard. In the last over, they had to put up everything right to restrict the batsman.

Kulasekara was the bowler in Hotels who was going to bowl the last 6 deliveries to the Pakistani batsman Shahid Afridi. Shahid Afridi on the other hand did not have any problem scoring runs ans handling pressure. He already had made up his mind that whatever the ball the bowler going to ball, He would smash. It happened the same way as Shahid Afridi hit the ball out of the leg side boundary for a huge six.

Shahid Afridi

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