Mother and Daughter Deceive Mobile Phone Shopkeeper

Mobile phone shopkeeper was deceived by lady and her mother when they stole cell phone from his shop. The shopkeeper looked could not get any idea of how smart both ladies were. He did not even realize that both of them stole something from his shop as both the ladies kept him busy in fetching packed cell phones from the rank.

Mobile phone has been the major target these days by the robbers and snatcher on the roads but this sort of incident of stealing cell phone was a unique of its own. The owner of the shop always had interest in ladies so he was being nice to the mother and daughter. The daughter was attired in modern outfit that had goggles on her head and she was drinking juice when she along with her mother entered in mobile shop.

The incident of that stealing of such device went viral on the social media and all the shopkeepers learnt a lesson from it. The owner of the mobile shop realized his loss when he watched the CCTV footage next day. He had to bear the loss of almost twenty thousand. The shop keeper then decided to not to pay attention to the female customers any more as they happened to be the smartest thieves on this planet.

Different mobile phones were demanded by the young lady and her mother. Firstly both the ladies asked the owner to show them the latest model of the cell phone. The shopkeeper was attracted to the beauty of the young lady who was drinking juice while they entered in his shop. The owner then took out latest phone from the rank and put it on the display rank.

The mother checked the mobile phone but it did not impress her so she asked the owner of the shop to show them some cell phones. The shopkeeper was hypnotized by the beauty of the girl. As he was looking to get the other cell phones from the rank placed right behind him, the mother took the one from the display and hid it under her stroll. After some time they both deceived the owner and went outside.

Shopkeeper Deceived by Mother and Daughter

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