Morning Show Host Makes Female Guests Fight

Morning show of Pakistani entertainment channel held strange kind of activities by the female guests by asking them to play Kabadi which has been popular sport. Female host asked the guests to do those cheap activities just for the sake of rating. Female guests who came up on the stage were fat and they started to play that sport with each other.

Strange activity in the morning show really surprised the whole nation when the Kabadi between two ladies turned out to be fight and they started to hit each other without realizing that it was just a sport and they just needed to win the game to win a prize that was to be handed over by the lady host. at the start of the Kabadi between the two ladies it looked to be very entertaining.

The activity between the two female guests who participated in order to win the Kabadi match turned into fight. One of the female guests got really angry on the other one during the Kabadi on the stage. She started to take the sport personal and kept on hitting the other lady hard. The female host of the program had to interfere and stop both of them.

Female host of morning show asked them to be calm down since they had to play the game so that they could win a prize in the program but it looked to personal grudge of one of the female guests. Viewers sitting there in the hall where the shooting was being recorded did not like the game that was played and asked by the female host.

That morning show was watched by so many viewers at home and many of them complained about the strange activity of Kabadi between the girls. Viewers said that the female host made them fight with each other just for the rating of the entertainment channel.

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