Morning Show Host holds Shameful Discussion

Morning show hosted by female host who had recently started programs started to discuss some personal affair of the guest Fahad Mustafa who also had acted in many dramas. Viewers who were sitting in the hall while the recording was going on were shocked when the host of the program started talking personal matters of birth of children of Fahad Mustafa.

This morning show was different from other programs since Sanam Baloch started to ask people who had studied astronomy about Fahad Mustafa children’s birth. Fahad Mustafa has been blessed with baby girl and did not show any intention of discussion his second child. Sanam Baloch asked Fahad Mustafa about his wish of having baby boy as his next baby birth.

Fahad Mustafa had acted in many dramas and he also changed his field of showbiz industry by hosting programs on the private entertainment channels. He also had acted in the film as well which had got good response from the viewers. Sanam Baloch also changed her field from acting to hosting. She had been criticized earlier for her shameful acts in the dramas.

Recent morning show also raised some questions about her abilities in the programs since she used some discussion which could not be watched with the family. The female host was considered to be different from other ladies in that field as other female hosts had been organizing some dances in their programs.

News of morning show having discussion about child birth surprised people and they really wanted to complain against her to the official regulatory authority. Viewers said that they had soft corner for Sanam Baloch and Fahad Mustafa as well but they both had some issues with their boldness in the programs. Sanam Baloch was also criticized for inviting Amir Liaquat Hussain who also embarrassed Reham Khan.

Shameful Discussion in Morning Show

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