Morning Programs Spreading Immorality in Society

Some morning programs these days spreading immorality in the society by airing some discussion which is quite unacceptable for the viewers. Lots of complaints have been registered against some channels who are supposed to provide entertainment in the early hours of the day. Instead of entertainment these channels have aired unethical stuff.

In some morning programs the trend of dance and singing competition is on rise and for the sake of entertainment these channels demand attractive dresses to be worn by the guests for dancing and singing purposes. Some famous female actresses have also been seen wearing outfits which this society does not allow in normal life.

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A most trending example was also seen in a morning show that was hosted by the famous TV anchor Shaista Wahidi. She invited another famous female host Kiran khan as her guest along with a male TV artist. The morning show was scripted to have singing competition between both of them and the supported male and female extras.

Most of the programs these days target girls and women as their viewership market but they do forget that at that time of day some kids and men also watch these channels. Airing any immoral stuff might cause immorality in the civil society.

Despite of it Kiran Khan gave some immoral remarks in that show while reply to the question asked by the host. Although the male TV artist present in this morning program wanted to say quite a lot in reply to the unethical remarks by Kiran Khan yet he was smart enough to know keep quite.

Since he was totally aware of the fact that this was a morning show and he should not comment any immoral way. Kiran Khan and host Shaista Wahidi were criticized by management of channels as well and they both after pointed out by the officials, apologized for giving such immoral remarks. So, the content of morning programs is spreading immorality in civil society.

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