Morning Program Shows Vulgarity

A Morning program of Punjabi language aired on a private channel the other day and it showed the vulgarity. The dress of the female host was so immoral that the viewers had to complain it to the people who are responsible for airing it. Although there has been a code of conduct for all the news channels and the entertainment channels yet it was aired.

This program was a morning show and it planned to attract the viewers by the dress which was worn by the female host. The video clip of the particular morning show went viral on the social media in order to make it to the public and officials who were just getting paid by the electronic media official authorities. The responsible persons were asked to inquire about the vulgarity being shown on the TV channels.

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This has not been the first time that such kind of immoral stuff was aired on any private channels; there have been many examples in the recent past. The entertainment channels on the basis of providing entertainment to the viewers have been wrongly airing the stuff which should be banned from the viewers.

The program was intended to have a discussion with a cook who was supposed to give different recipes for making different dishes. It looked all good when the morning show was started but later on the female anchor of the  show started to bend forward and showed different immoral poses to the viewers and the guest as well.

Female anchor of the program was wearing a shirt which has very loose in fitting from her neck so the people despite of watching the discussion kept an eye on the skin of the lady. Many viewers had to change the particular channel to other channels. As it never looked like a family morning show.

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