Morning Program Airs Immoral Stuff

A morning program which was telecasted by a private news channel was seen showing immoral stuff in their show. That was highlighted by many viewers at the same time on the social media and in the newspapers as well. The lady host of the morning show was seen wearing her outfit which was quite loose from her neck and could easily damage the mentality of the young generation.

Female anchor of the Program was supposed to interview a guest who was a chef by profession. The host and the guest were discussing the recipe of a particular dish. During that discussion the lady host with her unusual movements of body and sitting position tried to attract the viewers in an immoral way. It was observed by many viewers and then later on complained about it.

There have been many complaints against the morning shows being shown these days which have all the vulgarity in. Many of the morning shows have been inviting film actresses in their shows along with the male actors. They all then have been seen dancing in those shows which looked to be the most vulgar morning shows ever.

In another morning program, a female anchor was discussing the topic of delivery of their first baby. The guests included in that show were the actor and his wife along with the other singers and persons from the media industry. It sounded like a casual talk while they were sitting in their own home. The viewers of the channels however were feeling ashamed of the morning shows which were being aired these days.

The director and producer of the program knowingly have been including such immoral and vulgar stuff so that people could attract to their channel just for the sake of ranking. It really shows the mentality of the media people these days who instead of showing stuff which should be religious, they started to choose the different way.

Morning Show Airs Vulgarity

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