Mobile Phone Shopkeeper Gets Deceived by Ladies

Mobile Phone shopkeeper got deceived by a young lady with her mother. They both stole packed cell phone by showing some smart techniques. The owner of the shop could not guess what has really happened at his shop despite of the fact that he had fixed CCTV camera in his shop. It was realized by the shopkeeper the very next day when he was having a look at it in a casual way.

Mobile phone loss caused him nearly twenty thousand. After watching the video of the incident the owner of the shop was very dejected as it all happened due to his innocence. Due to the increase in the awareness among the people by the social media, many have had taken extra safety measurements so that they could not be victimized by such group of people.

These costly cell phones have become the need of the modern day and now people spend lot of money on these devices since they think it is the symbol of the elite class. With the increase in the usage of such devices, the owner of such devices needed to be extra smart to prevent any theft cases. Many phone snatching cases have been registered these days as these devices have been quite easy to be sold.

Expansive mobile phones in boxes were shown to the mother and her young beautiful daughter but nothing had just impressed them. At the time of stealing, more than six cell phone boxes were showing and put on the display rank by the owner. The beautiful lady kept talking to the shopkeeper and kept him engaged while her mother surprised and deceived him.

The mother hid the original mobile phone in her scarf. At the same time the shopkeeper thought noticed for a moment of unusual activity of the mother but he was not sure as his face was in the opposite direction. The daughter who looked very attractive and with her beauty she engaged the shopkeeper in talks. Both the ladies did not buy anything and went out of the mobile shop immediately without being noticed.

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