Misconception Causes Soldiers Fighting at Wagah Border

Indian and Pakistani soldiers at wagah border had a little confusion and misconception that cause the little fight between them. The fight happened at the flag raising ceremony that held on March 2. Many people were also present to see the event from both the countries. Army men were also present there to witness the event that has been happening for many years.

Soldiers have been very proactive while the ceremony was taking place. They all have been showing their skills to the audience who had come there to encourage them on this patriotic moments. In the past nothing embarrassing thing happened so far but this time confusion took place between the security men of both the countries at wagah border.

The incident was reported by the media men from both the countries who had been visiting and covering the event for quite some time so that people of Pakistan and India could relive their spirits of Patriotism. As the flag raising ceremony was being held, a security man by mistake crossed the line which has been very thin.

Both the soldiers got angry on each other for crossing the line which has been separated the both countries. They started to hold their shirts and got really furious at each other. The army men from both of the nations were also sitting there and they were also looking at them. They thought that it might end up in big tussle so they had to intervene in the situation.

Indian soldier tried to hit the Pakistani soldier but the lesson was taught by him as he knew he did not do anything wrong. The audience at the wagah border was also getting emotional and they started to sing slogans for their countries. Before the situation getting worst for them, the army men from both the nations stepped in and calmed them down.

Soldiers Fighting at Wagah Border

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