Misbah Ul Haq Faces Wasim Akram After Years

Misbah Ul Haq Faces Wasim Akram After Years. Michael Slater the opener of Australia, never had any clue of playing against the fast and furious swing bowling from the deadly dangerous Wasim Akram. Wasim Akram was bowling with great pace and moving the ball towards the slips and towards the leg side. The aggressive player of Australia tried to see off the new ball but could not do so. But got out in the end of the swinging Yorker from the left arm fast bowler Wasim Akram.

Michael did not know how to play the fast bowler of Pakistan. Wasim Akram was moving the ball both ways as the pitch had all the juice in it. The opener of the Australia cricket team played and missed many times in that particular over. Other player of the Australia cricket team standing at the non striking end was the captain of their team.

Mark Taylor was also getting scared of the swing bowling of Wasim Akram. He thought that he was standing at the right end since he also did not want to face the tough bowling of the left arm bowler of Pakistan cricket team. Wasim Akram was not the only bowler that troubled the Australia players but Waqar Younis also scared them with the quick deliveries and swing bowling.

Michael Slater has admitted that Wasim Akram was the toughest bowler that he ever played against. He said that he was getting troubled by the legend since there was moisture in the pitch. Wasim Akram on the other hand, controlled the swing and let the ball talk. He was famous for his left arm swing bowling. Wasim Akram was given a name of the King of Swing Bowling.

Michael Slater tried to defend the ball  of the great fast bowler but he got hit on the toe. The umpire did not have any doubt.

Misbah vs Wasim Akram

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