Misbah Sixes Get Watched From Hong Kong Hotels

Misbah Sixes Get Watched From Hong Kong Hotels. Misbah Makes World Test Record smashed two huge sixes in the last over of the match in Caribbean League. 10 runs were required on 6 balls and Muhammad Hafeez delivered the last over of the T20 match. So he was bowling against his teammate but Misbah looked quite determined to face him. He tackled the pressure very well against good bowler.

Misbah-ul-Haq played the first ball from Hotels End, back towards the bowler and crowed roared with cheers. However the very next ball disappeared in the crowd as batsman smashed it over the boundary rope. The crowd stunned for few seconds so as the fielding team. The next ball was not different from the previous one as batsman played it over deep mid wicket for six.

Misbah 6 Sixes

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