Miracle Saved Toddler in the Swimming Pool

Miracle saved a toddler from sinking in the swimming pool the other day. After watching the video the parents were surprised to see the kid was going deep into the pool like a trained swimmer in the water. The parents of the kid were happy to see their baby alive and promised to take more care of him in the future to avoid that sort of incidents which could have been shocking for themselves.

The parents of that toddler were quite busy in their home activities and could not keep an eye on their kid who was playing with the cat and the ball. Both the cat and the kid while playing happened to go in the corner of the house where the swimming pool was made for swimming purposed by their parents and other family members.

Video Link: http://paktelegraph.com/?p=272

The kid did not know what could have happened if he went closer to the water. He started to move towards the pool and stopped it. But in the mean time he lost his ball by which he was playing with the cat. The ball went in the water and was sinking on the surface. The baby did not what to do to get the ball back in his hands.

The toddler bent down to take that ball out of the water but his foot slipped and he too fell in the water. It was unexpected for him to be in the swimming pool but at the same time instead of sinking down deep he started to move his legs by miracle.  He was swimming like an expert and managed to keep his face above the surface of the water in a short time.

The toddler shouted and cried as if he was calling his parents who did not know what happened to their kid. Usually this sort of incident could have drowned the kid down but by miracle he was floating on the surface of the swimming pool. It did not take long enough for father to come there and rescue him and thanked the God for a miracle could have only saved his life.

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