Miracle of Flag Gets Viral

Miracle of Pakistani flag appearing on the sun was becoming viral on the social media when they got to know the interesting story from the old lady. She said that she saw that moment of Pakistani flag appearing on the sun five years after the birth of Pakistan. She said that the flag appeared on the sun when it was just risen and it was about to shine at its peak.

The miracle of Sun was related to Islam according to some Muslim scholars when they said that the symbols have also been told in the Hades and other Islamic books that Pakistan might be the country that might truly represent Islam all over the world. Muslim countries likes of Pakistan and Afghanistan have been living with maximum percentage of population of Muslim people.

Muslim scholars said that the recent turmoil in the subcontinent of Pakistan and Afghanistan also showed the similar signs of the news that might become reality. The earlier mentioned story of Pakistani flag appearing on the sun also was the part of the signs that was really happening to get fulfilled. Muslim country likes of Pakistan has been living on the planet with its religious values for many years.

The miracle of flag on the sun was not the only thing that happened by the Almighty but many other incidents also happened which proved that it could not have been done and made up by people. Allah had shown such signs on many other occasions. A man clad in white clothes appeared in the footage in Saudi Arabia that was seen through the video clip and in fact he was not present there.

Such miracle of pious man sitting and listening to verses of Quran during the Friday prayer in the Masjid Nabwi. The video of that incident was also liked by so many Muslim people and they all were amazed at that man. Similar sorts of moments surprised the whole community of Muslim people when they heard Pakistani flag appearing on the sun.

Miracle of Pakistani Flag on Sun

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