Miracle of Allah Saves Many Lives

Miracle of Allah was revealed many times and Muslims have been very proud of their belief in Allah. Allah has shown many times some strange things which human being could not believe. A short video clip documentary has been shared which had some video clips of such moments where people nearly escaped from the mishaps.

Due to the miracle of Allah that many times people have been escaped from the deaths which people did not accept however Muslims always have faith in Allah. Some of the incidents that took place near the railway station turned out to be the nearly escape for the people waiting there to cross the railway lines.

A man who was waiting for the train to come had gone so far near the railway line and could not expect the train to come so close to him. It was his luckiest day that he narrowly missed the collision of the train. He could not believe his luck that he almost collided with the train. Muslims believed that it was all due to the blessing of Allah that he got escaped from the collision of the train.

Another video of Miracle went viral when the man standing near the side of the road and watching the car race almost got collided to the car as it just missed its way. The man was lucky enough that he just stepped behind an inch along the wall of the road and then the car hit that wall otherwise it must have hit the man standing just there.

Miracle of Allah was also shown when a man tried to cross the road and he fell down on the road while at the same time a car just passed through him that almost hit him but the man managed to skip that collision. This video of the man escaping from the road accident amazed Muslims and all the people all over the world.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/?p=1130

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