Miracle Happens on Sun

Miracle happened on the sun when it was rising in. Pakistani flag appeared on sun at early sunrise. The moment was seen by an old lady who saw that amazing scene. The incident of Pakistani flag appearing on the sun happened after five years of Pakistan’s birth. The lady said that she saw that scene with her own eyes and told everybody who were very surprised.

Miracle happening in Pakistan was something really interesting for the community of Muslims and they all were really pleased and surprised to hear that. The sun appeared with the flag that clearly resembled with the Pakistani flag. According to that lady the incident showed that this could be the only country that might develop as one of the true presenter of Islam.

Some of the religious scholars also said that the books of Islam had already mentioned according to Hades that there was supposed to be some symbols of Islam in the upcoming years. They said that two thousand and twenty four could be the year when the real symbolic nation of Islam might appear on the planet.

The recent miracle of Pakistani flag appearing on the sun could also be the sign of what was predicted earlier. Pakistan could be the country which true reflect the religion since it has been the country with many Muslims living in for many years same as Afghanistan. The religious scholars have been guessing that the current turmoil in the sub continent might be the signs of coming up with real Muslim country.

The news of miracle of Pakistani flag appearing on the sun was shared and told by the people who had listened to the old lady who personally was the witness of the incident. She also said that Muslim people needed to follow the righteous path that was told by the Prophet (PBUH).

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