Miracle of Allah Shows in Baby

Miracle of Allah was shown in baby when a baby was born in Rawalpindi. The baby was born with two heads that surprised the whole world. Many people must have seen such stories on social media and in the real life. The most amazing thing about that baby was the eating process of the baby. Almighty showed His blessing that both the mouths of the baby have been using for eating and drinking.

Allah has shown Miracle to many people through different ways and in different shapes. Many people had come from different cities to watch the baby. The news went viral all over the country and on the social media as well. This was the news that was heard all over the media.

The video was shared on social media through the boy who captured the moment with the mobile phone. Some of the people started praising the blessing of Almighty and some of them got scared after watching the real heads of the baby.

Two Faced Baby

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