Military Helicopter Faces Dreadful Shark Attack

Military helicopter faced dreadful attack by a huge shark the other day in the African ocean when it tried to rescue some of the US soldiers. They never knew that a huge animal of water was waiting for them to be eaten but luckily the air machine moved upward in the right time by taking their men safely. They all could manage to avoid being injured by the shark.

Military helicopter lowered their flight to catch one of their men from the deep water in the African ocean. They did not see anything unusual happening in the water. The pilot lowered its flight and dropped the ladder from the door. The US Military man, who was swimming to save his life, thanked God for the rescue team.

That African ocean was a huge one and people have been going there in the big ships for catching the whales. Many tourists have been going in that ocean for quite some time but they never had any chance of seeing any shark in the water. Some fishermen had a tragedy some years back but since then no shark or whale was seen by anyone for quite long time now so the ocean was cleared for the outing of tourists.

The ladder of the military helicopter was long enough to reach to the one of US military men. As he approached to it and jumped up on it couple of feet, a huge shark appeared from the African ocean. The man, who was climbing on the ladder of the air machine, could not believe his eyes. A huge shark was facing towards him after jumping out of the water.

The pilot of the military helicopter also got confused after watching such a dreadful shark trying to attack one of US military men. He was sharp enough to take it above to some height in no time. Both the pilot and the man who was hanging on the ladder felt very save.

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