Milestone Hotel Customers Get Surprised

Milestone Hotel customers get surprised by the people who did some incredible experiments on the cows. Such experiments with the animals were something that could be spread quickly. The  of that building were quite big enough to be called as .  facilities were provided to the people who experimented with the cows. was never so late for the customers to enjoy the.

Breaking news came from the Milestone Hotel when one of the guest stayed there in the middle of the night and watched the news about the cow machines. The machines were fixed in the bodies of the cows so that they could be given food easily. The and the  that were totally furnished were allowed for the scientists that took the experiment to the upper level. Scientists also were interested in the package deals of the  and . Otherwise thy could not go for the experiment.

Media guys were also impressed with the Milestone Hotel facilities. Due to the recent construction of the and the , the package deals for  facilities could not be done. People never expected something from scientists.

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