Meera Interviews in English

Pakistani Film star Meera is always found in media stories when it comes to being funny. Her Funny ways of speaking English is very much known to every Pakistani. Meera has been in the limelight of Pakistani showbiz news and got fame due to her acting and some strange stuff. At once her allegedly immoral leaked video got viral on social media though she kept on denying it.

Meera, whose real name is Irtiza Rubab, started her career from the stage industry at a very small age. But then she was brought in the film industry because of her acting abilities. Her Debut Pakistani Film was pictured in 1995. But she got fame in her 2nd movie Khilona in 1996. She was very well appreciated for her performance in the movie all over Pakistan.

After wards she made another hit film Sulakhain. These two movies of her got her popular Pakistani Nigar Awards. These two super hit movies lifted her fame internationally too. She has also done lots of movies which got people attention in the Pakistani Film viewership.

In  the era of her great success in her film industry career, she was offered movie in the Bollywood by very popular Muhesh Bhatt. Thought she did not get that much fame due to  her acting abilities but she is very much remembered for his obscene kissing scenes in that movie. She also worked in some other Bollywood movies but could not get much attention.

But most lately Meera has become popular due to her funny ways of speaking English. She hosted a Pakistani program in English language. People liked her hilarious way of speaking English though she doesn’t know about her this stuff. She also announced to take part in politics by contesting for the National Assembly seat in Pakistan’s General elections 2013 though she backed out later and nominated her mother who was defeated by securing only hundred votes.

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