Meera Dances Vulgarly in Morning Show

Morning show had become vulgar show that was telecasted on private entertainment channel the other day when film actress Meera danced with other actors from showbiz industry. Other co actors from the showbiz industry were Rambo and Saleem Sheikh who had also worked in the film industry. Both the male actors started to dance with Meera.

That morning show was hosted by other male host Sahir Lodhi who has also been in this field for quite some time. He invited the film actress Meera to the stage and asked her to act and dance on a song with the Rambo and Saleem Sheikh. Despite of the fact that it was being telecasted on the private entertainment channel neither of the actors took care of the modesty.

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As Meera came on the stage the song started to be played in the background. Rambo had been invited as a guest along with Saleem Sheikh. Although Rambo had reached there with his wife who had also acted in the showbiz industry yet he was seen doing some shameful acts with Meera during the live performance.

That morning show did not look like it was being telecasted in Pakistan. The male actors Rambo and Saleem Sheikh kissed Meera during the song performance and kept on doing vulgar acts and they both ignored the fact it was being watched by so many families and they needed to take care of the ethics.

Host of Morning Show also felt quite shameful when Rambo took off the scarf of film actress that she had around her neck. Those bold scenes had been part of the films but it had never been shown on the program on the entertainment channel.

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