Medical Treatment Changes Gender of Lady

With the help of Medical treatment a young lady changed her gender into the opposite gender. The news reported by a news channel and was reached to as many people. All were amazed by the act of the lady at this age of twenty too. The sudden changes in the body of the lady propelled her to go and tell her parent who then took her to the female doctor.

Medical tests were done before starting the treatment for her to change the gender. The female doctor was very assured for the successful operation. But the whole treatment was so much costly for the poor family that they have just take medicines only and never got operated yet. The news was pretty much weirdest for the whole society but they understood the changes that had taken in girl’s body.

That change of gender might be the new one in this part of the world but in the other foreign countries this practice of converting gender did not bother them. In a report published by the doctors who have researched on this issue, said that this issue is on the rise in young girls and boys in the foreign countries and they did not support this idea of operating the young ones for that purpose.

Medical experts in this case of the young lady aged twenty two years, asked her for further tests so the treatment could be completed for her to be a man. But according to the father of that girl the cost required for it was not affordable for the poor family. So still the girl could not get her gender changed physically though apparently she has started to wear garments like men.

The head of Medical department for changing gender, who was also a lady doctor, was pretty much hopeful for the successful operation. The parents of the girl that was to be treated for the gender change had requested the Government officials to arrange funds for their daughter so that she could live her remaining life as a man.

Medical Treatment Changes Gender

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