Media Exposes Real Face of Indian Military

Kashmir has been the controversial territory and Indian Military have occupied the valley for many years. Now it is known as occupied Kashmir these days. According to Indian media and the India government the Kashmir is the part of India thought the citizens of occupied Kashmir have expressed the opposite of Indians’ ideology regarding them.

India has been projecting the untrue picture of their military to be very loyal to the citizens of Kashmir. The fact is quite different to what its media and its Government is showing to the whole world. In fact they have been very brutal with the Kashmiris who have not been able to live according to their wills and have been protesting against Indian occupying their homeland.

Many incidents have been filmed by the foreign journalists and human activist who have been visiting the Jammu and Kashmir. That proved Indian army to be very brutal with the Kashmiris. This has been called as the controversial state by the United Nation Organization which Indians claim to be their part but still UNO has not been able to get it free from their occupying them.

A short video film made by foreign media exposed the real face of Indian military in Jammu and Kashmir. Their Government with the help of agencies has been trying hard to remove that video from the social media to prove their army innocent and loyal with the people of this occupied land. Though, these sorts of videos have shown the real faces of India.

Different NGOs belonging to many countries have raised questions in the United Nation and protested after this video appeared to them. Human right activists have also joined the protests asking world to take notice of the act exposed by the foreign media that filmed this clip. Despite of apologizing to girl, the military soldier kept doing bad things and later got the deserved treatment from her.

Indian Military Soldier Exposed

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