Mclaren Fights Shahid Afridi

Ryan Mclaren of South Africa fought with Shahid Afridi in the match that was played in their county. Shahid Afridi was batting really aggressively and hitting sixes to every bowler of the host country. The bowler of South Africa was smashed by Shahid Afridi for a huge six. The bowler got upset by the huge but he clean bowled Shahid Afridi on the very next ball. Umpire had given it a no ball and a free hit was awarded.

Mclaren did not expect such hitting from the world class hitter of Pakistan. Shahid Afridi had different thoughts and he welcomed the fast bowler of South Africa with strong shots. The bowler was hit for a huge six but he was happy to get him cleaned bowled on the very next ball. Bowler of South Africa was amazed to see the action replay as his ball was not a legal one.

Umpire had to overturn the decision of sending Shahid Afridi to the pavilion since it was called a no ball. Free had to be bowled by the South Africa bowler on the very next ball. Every eye was on the battle of the Bowler and the Pakistani all rounder. Pakistani supporters were pretty much assure that Shahid Afridi would take his revenge as the bowler was shouting at him.

Mclaren was showing his anger when he got the wicket of Shahid Afridi on the no ball. The very next ball was not than a drama since Shahid Afridi again sent the ball to the stadium where the fans were sitting. A Huge six was hit on the free hit. Pakistani players were very excited since the bowler of South Africa did not have any word to say to the star batsman.

Mclaren mother was shut by the hitting of Shahid Afridi. Shahid Afridi was playing with lots of dedication in that match.

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