Massive Wave Drowns Lady at California Beach Resort

A woman was horribly drowned in sea water near the famous California beach resort. She was taking bath on the beach side along with family when suddenly was not able to get out of way from sea waves. She had come to America to spend her vocations and ended up into a tragic incident.

However, later looking at the videos captured by people on the California beach it was determined that it was her own fault. She was dancing along the beach when sudden waves started to build up. He body was later recovered from sea and sent to beach resort with her family. She has left a son and daughter along with husband to morn her loss.

His family had to shorten their vocations after the horrible incident and left America. In the season of vocations, California beach also become very populated every year. It becomes very difficult for the tourists to find a beach resort easily to live in. Prices of rooms in hotels suddenly go skywards when tourists starts coming.

To get the rooms easily on affordable prices in America during vocations, tourists plans many months before. Especially hotels around California beach close their bookings near to the vocations season. Everyone still prefers to live in the beach resort facing sea.

Huge Wave

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