Masjid Nabvi Appears Near Madinah Marriott Hotel

Madinah Marriott Hotel was the place where the appearance of the most beloved Masjid was seen in the sky. Amazing scenes were seen from the  that were hired by the Pilgrims during the Haj program. The  were not included since people had come from different parts of the world.  have also been the most demanding factor for the tours. The places like along the beautiful place like  was not there.

Pilgrims from different countries stayed in Madinah Marriott Hotel since it was nearest to the Masjid. They could not believe their eyes when the  were completely filled with people.  and other places like ,  and  could not be provided to the guest since they had come and visit the most Holy place of the earth.

Madinah Marriott Hotel was built near the city so that everybody could travel and come to the Masjid with so much ease. It was noticed by the people stayed in that building and during the construction of the Masjid that the appearance was seen in the sky. Everybody started to make mobile video with their camera phones. During that period everybody felt really good.


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