Masjid Built by Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Masjid that was built by Prophet Muhammad PBUH surprised everybody when they watched the video of it. It was said that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH Himself took part in the making of it. Some of the people also said that enemies of Islam also tried to sabotage the process but none of the Muslims present there let them do that.

Masjid was built in the city of Taif that was really beautiful. No works have been done to repair it or make any amendments in the making of it. The video got viral on the social media since many Muslims shared it on their face book walls and on You tube channel as well.

It has been said that the enemies of Islam threw some stones on it while the Prophet Muhammad PBUH was present in it. Allah the Almighty saved his Prophet Muhammad PBUH by stopping those stones in the air. The enemies then could not believe the miracle of Allah.

That beautiful Masjid has been present there in the same shape as it was built ages ago in the early part of Muslim era. The purpose of the video was to make it possible that all the Muslims could see it.

Masjid That was Built by Prophet Muhammad PBUH

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